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How to Choose the Best Router?

From the range of wireless routers available here, the best router is the one that satisfies all your connectivity requirements. Our comparison tool lets you pick the right router from your favorites by comparing their features specs, performance, and prices.

Top router brands

No one can recommend a specific router as the “best” because it entirely depends on your needs.


However, the best router brands of today have become popular only after winning their customers’ trust by offering quality products. From robust security to superior performance, these brands present a huge range of routers catering to your requirements.

compare router specs
router comparison tool

Compare router specs

Feeling overwhelmed with the wide choice of routers? A quick specification comparison will help!


With this router comparison tool, simply select all the routers that you like and match their specs. You can then identify your dream router after you see it surpassing all other routers in meeting your criteria.


Find the best router brands offering a wide range of top-specs routers with our router finder tool.

Price vs performance

The best routers don’t weigh on your pocket. Rather they take care of your budget without compromising on quality.


No wonder it’s difficult to find premium routers with modest price tags. But, RouterMag has pulled the best deals.


So, save your time by finding affordable routers right here. Search, compare and pick the one that offers all the necessary features without blowing your budget.

router price vs performance comparison

How to Use Our Router Comparison Tool?

Type in your router name, select, repeat, and click ‘Compare’. Simple as that!

RouterMag aims to serve you as the ultimate router guide online. Therefore, we have gathered around 300 different router models (and counting) in our database.


Just type in to find your preferred routers in the search bar, select them, and analyze them with a side-by-side comparison.

Forget wasting your time on a limited choice or outdated models as we keep updating our data daily. Thus, you will always find the most up-to-date information about the routers right here.


Our picks include only the best models from the top brands. Hence, you can select your desired router with trust.

From design to technical specifications and security features, our router comparison tool lists every minute detail for all routers.


Plus, you can compare up to 4 different router models at once and view the details in a single window. Save yourself from the stress of shuffling between multiple tabs.


Just type the names of your preferred routers in the search bar and click the ‘Compare’ button. You will see the exact specifications of the selected router models side-by-side. Simply review the details to decide about your next router.

Say good-bye to the fear of missing out on the best deals to buy your desired router. RouterMag ensures up-to-date price information for all routers shown here.


Also, you can decide about the best time to make a purchase by going through the price history. Keep an eye on the price drops to grab your select router at discounted rates.

Don’t be lost in a whirlpool of random products that distract you. At RouterMag, you can specify a search criterion by using dedicated filters.


Whether you are looking for Mesh routers only or wish to buy a router from your preferred brand, customize the search results using one or more filters to have the most relevant routers in view

Why Choosing The Best Router Is Important?

Wireless routers add convenience to your networking requirements. You can link your mobile phones, smart devices, computers, and all smart devices without getting entangled in wires.

However, practically finding such a convenient router can be a chore.

Although your ISP may provide you a router, it might not have the best radius and device connection support.

For that, you need a router that not only lets you connect more devices, but also gives you the liberty to roam around without losing connectivity or speed. The one that fulfills these criteria is what you should have regardless of the brand or model.

Things To Consider When Comparing Routers

Router Type

Single-unit routers: These routers simply connect to your modem to create a network. Single-unit routers are easy to use. However, they have limited coverage and device support, hence, suitable for small areas and fewer devices.


Mesh routers: These routers include more than one devices that connect together to develop a WiFi network. Since you can place mesh routers at a distance, they provide better coverage and are suitable for larger areas.


The best router should bear a suitable number of LAN and USB ports.

LAN ports are important to connect LAN-based devices, such as your Philips Hue hub, directly to the router. Whereas, USB ports let you connect flash drives and printers to the router, making your routine activities easier.

Router Bands

Modern routers operate on two different frequency bands – 2.4 GHz, and 5GHz.

The 2.4GHz band has a long-range, thus providing better coverage. However, it is prone to interference by Bluetooth and microwaves. Plus, it may not offer consistent speed. 

Whereas, 5GHz supports fast speed without noise. But, it has a shorter range.

Based on your requirements, you can configure your router to set up the appropriate network for your devices. But, for this, you should pick the right router type.


Dual-band routers: These routers have two radios operating on 2.4 GHz and 5GHz respectively. This choice of bands lets you manage the speed and coverage by connecting different devices to the two networks operating on different bands.

However, some dual-band routers actually come with one radio compatible with both frequency bands. Thus, they limit you to choose only one frequency band at a time. So, if you need both frequencies, make sure that your preferred router bears two radios.


Tri-band routers: These routers support one more 5GHz band (together with the standard 2.4 GHz and 5GHz). Thus, tri-band routers are great for connecting more devices to a fast-speed, less-noisy network. Tri-band routers are not common in domestic use. Rather they are more popular for use in office-based environments.

Router Management

Since most modern routers offer app-based management. However, routers with tricky app interfaces will cause you trouble during configuration. Therefore, make sure that you will face no trouble in using the app before purchasing a router.

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